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24 January 2019

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Locarno Festival

72nd Edition

Locarno Festival

when:August 7th - 17th, 2019
address:Via Ciseri 23
6601 Locarno
tel:+41 917562121
fax:+41 917562149
deadline:June 1st, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

Locarno Festival is recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations (FIAPF) as belonging to the category of “Competitive Festivals”. The following Rules and Regulations are subject to the “Regulations for International Film Events” published by the FIAPF.
Locarno Festival is organized by the Festival Association. Its principal subsidies are provided by the Swiss Federal Government, the Canton Ticino, the Tourist Offices and Municipal Authorities of the region.
Additional financing is provided by other associations, organizations, institutions and private partners.
Locarno Festival aims to promote personal filmmaking of artistic merit; to provide a showcase for major new films of the year from around the world; to take stock, in its competitive sections, of the new perspectives of filmmaking expression, concentrating especially on such new film directors and industries as command international attention.
The Festival is composed of several sections which accept films shot in any format.
a) The Piazza Grande section offers as world, international or European premieres works intended for a mainstream audience
but made by genuine auteur filmmakers, with original genre films and the best of recently made documentaries.
b) The Concorso internazionale presents as world or international premieres a selection of fiction feature films, documentaries, or animated films over 60 minutes. This panorama of contemporary auteur cinema includes films by young talents alongside work by established filmmakers.
c) The Concorso Cineasti del presente is reserved for first and second full-length features over 60 minutes. This section offers a selection of films as world or international premieres, ranging from documentary to fiction and including the most hybrid and up-to-date forms of cinematic creativity.
d) Signs of Life presents as world or international premieres a competitive selection of works by well-established filmmakers,
exploring new narrative forms and innovative film language.
e) The Pardi di domani section is reserved for short and mediumlength films not more than 40 minutes in length by young filmmakers who have not yet made feature-length films: student and graduation films, and the first cinematic ventures from new talents. This section is organized around two distinct competitions: one is reserved for Swiss filmmakers, while the other is open to work from all over the world. Both competitions present exclusively world or international premieres.
f) The Fuori concorso selection offers recent work – feature films and shorts, film essays and documentaries – by well established filmmakers as world or international premieres.
g) Histoire(s) du cinéma is the sidebar dedicated to the history of cinema. It offers works from filmmakers and artists to whom the Festival dedicates special tributes. This section also presents newly restored prints of rare and important works in film
h) The Retrospettiva – a historical or thematic program, or the complete works of a major filmmaker – is designed to make a contribution to the history of cinema or to enable the audience to (re)discover the body of work of an important auteur.
i) Open Doors Screenings is a non-competitive section, focusing in 2017 on a selection of films from the cinematographic and
cultural universe of specific Countries.
j) Within the framework of the Festival two sections are independently organized:
1. The Semaine de la critique, reserved for documentaries, is organized by the Swiss Film Journalists Association.
2. Panorama Suisse presents a selection of Swiss films, chosen by a commission with representatives of the Solothurn Film Days, SWISS FILMS and the Swiss Film Academy.

  • L'Amatore by Maria Mauti: Fuori Concorso

  • The Challenge by Yuri Ancarani: Cineasti del presente - Ciné+ Special Jury Prize

  • Feast by Franco Piavoli: Fuori Concorso

  • The Nature of Things by Laura Viezzoli: Fuori Concorso

  • The Nest by Klaudia Reynicke: Cineasti del presente

  • Valparaiso by Carlo Sironi: Leopards of Tomorrow - International Competition - Prize Film und Video Untertitelung

  • Where Is Rocky II? by Pierre Bismuth: Fuori concorso: Art Basel

  • DETOUR DE SETA by Salvo Cuccia: Cineasti del presente

  • FRAMMENTI DI ‘900 by Citto Maselli: Filmmakers of the Present

  • Private by Saverio Costanzo: Golden Leopard for Best Film, Leopard for the Best Actor (Mohammad Bakri)

  • PROMISED LAND by Michael Beltrami: In Competition