14 November 2018

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Tirana International Film Festival

16th Edition - Features and Shorts Film Festival

Tirana International Film Festival

where:Tirana (Albania)
when:November 2nd - November 9th, 2018
address:P.O. Box 8361 Tirana, 1000 Albania
tel:+35 54 4504110
deadline:July 2nd, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

The TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF) is the first and only international cinema festival of its kind in Albania. Created in 2003, this extraordinary cultural event takes place under the auspices of the Albanian National Center for Cinematography (QKK). This year’s competition features three distinct categories.
1. Feature Film Competition
2. Short Film Competition
3. DIGIART Television Short Film Competition
All the daily programs of the TIFF festival combine features and short films in all formats and genres - fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. Open to any filmmaker from around the world, TIFF showcases new cinematic work by established directors with international reputations as well as work by talented students and young artists.
TIFF provides time in its daily schedule for classes and seminars with professionals in the motion picture industry geared for Albanian students of the cinema and emerging filmmakers.
On the occasion of this seventh edition of TIFF, two juries comprised of leading film writers, directors and critics will evaluate and then select the best features and shorts with awards to be presented on the closing night.
Above all, it is the aim of the TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL to create a meeting point for film artists and cinema enthusiasts from Albania, the Balkans and the entire world to come together and share their linked passion and knowledge of the motion picture art form.

  • Blood and the moon by Tommaso Cotronei: Documentary Full-length

  • Confined by Nico Bonomolo: Short Animated Films

  • La Finestra by Silvia Perra: Short Student

  • Her World by Cristian Scardigno: Official Selection - Panorama New World

  • Imma by Pasquale Marino: Documentary Mid-length

  • Isabella by Claudio Pelizzer: Short Fiction Films

  • It's Raining by Ciro D'Emilio: Official Selection - Panorama New World

  • 9x10 novanta by Marco Bonfanti, Claudio Giovannesi, Alina Marazzi, Pietro Marcello, Sara Fgaier, Giovanni Piperno, Costanza Quatriglio, Paola Randi, Alice Rohrwacher, Roland Sejko: Special Screening

  • The Medicine Seller by Antonio Morabito: Feature - Best Film, Best Screenplay

  • Quiet Bliss by Edoardo Winspeare: Special Screening

  • Il gioco by Adriano Giannini: Short Fiction

  • Tarda estate by Marco De Angelis, Antonio Di Trapani: Features - Public Award

  • Uerra by Paolo Sassanelli: Short Fiction