I'll come too! (first feature)

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I'll come too! (Vengo anch'io)

I'll come too! (Vengo anch'io)

This is the story of an aspiring suicide, a former prisoner, a boy with Asperger's syndrome and a young Salentine athlete.
Besieged by life, and tired of getting involved because now accustomed to defeat, for a strange twist of fate will be forced to undertake a journey together that will lead them to confront their own past, to fight with their demons and get out of their loneliness.
A trivial amateur rowing race will make them a cohesive group, eager for a ransom at all costs. To win they will cheat and lose badly, but it will not be a real defeat, because in the meantime they will discover that they have become a family that is able to turn the sum of their individual defeats into success. A unique, eccentric, but enviable family that we would all like to have as neighbors.