22 April 2019

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Mitreo Film Festival

18th Edition

where:Teatro Garibaldi - Santa Maria Capua Vetere
when:October 1st - 14th, 2018
deadline:September 20th, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

The cultural association Mitreo Film Festival announces a selection call for international short films with a maximum duration of 10 minutes and whose theme is GREAT WORDS.
The theme must be understood as the heart of the story around which the story develops. The short film must
speak about the importance of words, language, verbal expression, around this importance must develop the story.
The theme must be understood as a lighted light on the importance of the use of words, on the need to restore the right importance to be given to the language that is the peculiarity of the human being.
The announcement is intended for authors who are aged under 30 at 23.59 on 30 August.
Among all the requests received, the staff of the MitreoFilmFestival will select, at its sole discretion, 20
The 20 short films will be screened during the eighteenth edition of the MitreoFilmFestival and will be evaluated by three juries, a Technical Jury, a Popular Jury and a Youth Jury. 
The staff of the MitreoFilmFestival will also select 20 short films to be shown in a special section out of competition for works that, although not selected for the competition, are considered highly deserving. 
The Technical Jury will be composed by at least one representative of the staff of the MitreoFilmFestival and by 5 professionals of the sector, including at least one foreign representative.
During the penultimate evening of the MitreoFilmFestival, the Technical Jury will decide the winner of the  INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION - MITREOFILMFESTIVAL PRIZE - BEST SHORT FILM and will award the prize of € 500.00 along with the sculpture representing the Mithreus.
The Popular Jury, composed of 10 representatives of the population of Santa Maria Capua Vetere identified by the Staff of the MitreoFilmFestival during the last evening of the MitreoFilmFestival will award the VOCI DAL MONDO plaque and the cash prize of 250 euros.
The winning author commits himself to mention the Award received and the MitreoFilmFestival in the titles of the short film.
The Youth Jury, composed of 10 university students, during the last evening of the MitreoFilmFestival, will assign the plate WITHOUT FEAR, choosing the short film that best knew how to tell its story daring with courage, innovation and experimentation.