Miff - International Film Festival in Milan

19th Edition

Miff - International Film Festival in Milan

where:Milano (Italy)
when:October 29th - November 30th, 2019
address:Via Tertuliano, 55
IT - 20137 Milano
tel:+39 02 9287 1578
fax:+39 02 9287 1578
deadline:May 31st, 2019
entry form:Submission on Withouabox.com

A no-risk formula specifically designed to make Talented Independent filmmakers more successful and validate their film with a marketable signature.
A new International film event concept - a hybrid of the conventional film festival program and the traditional Award Ceremony format dedicated to new Independent films in the new era of distribution networks.
If your are a filmmaker or a distributor and would like to have your film promoted and enhanced through a well-developed industry buzz while keeping your premiere status, submit your film to MIFF Awards. If your film is selected as one of five nominees in your specific category, it will be exhibited only if it wins! Otherwise, you keep the prestige of your Leonardo da Vinci's Horse Nomination and you also mantain premiere status of your film so that you may pursue premier billing at other festival and/or markets.
1. Only new titles not released in Italy (theaters, dvd, etc.) are qualified for submission to MIFF Awards, the Leonardo's Horses. 2. Just like any conventional film festival, films submitted are initially selected and chosen by a Programming Committee. 3. Five (5) Nominees are selected in each category (including Best Directing, Best Screenwriting, Best acting Performance Male and Female, Best Cinematography, Best Editing) among the submitted films. The candidates are then notified of their "nominated for awards" status and published online and in the catalogue 4. The films of the Nominated filmmakers are exhibited privately to the members of the "Milanese academy" MIMIFS who vote for the winner in each category. Nominee films are not screened publicly and maintain their premiere status.
5. The Nominated filmmakers in each category are invited in Milan for the Leonardo's Horse Award Ceremony dinner, at the beginning of the festival.
6.* Following the Award Ceremony, the festival program takes place and Winner films of each specific category will be exhibited to the public Only the films belonging to the winning filmmakers will be screened to the public and will automatically compete for the Best Film Category. If a Feature or Documentary filmmaker is announced as a Winner, they will be invited to stay and participate at the following festival's Winner screenings - open to the public - by MIMIFS organization (different Category rules apply).
7. Following the Winner Filmmaker's Film screenings to the public, the Audience's Choice Award defines the winner in the Best Film category of the festival.
* For movie accepted in Cannes, MIFF Awards screening schedule will be arranged based on Cannes Premiere screening priority.
MIFF (from English acronym for Milan International Film Festival), nicknamed by the press as the "Milanese Sundance", has been recognized and distinguished as the official International Cinema exhibition festival of Milan. MIFF existed as a conventional film festival for 8 years, until 2009, when MIFF reinvented itself as MIFF Awards, a brand new genre in the sphere of film events that featured an avant-garde format developed through an unwavering commitment to support independent films.
Organized by the non-profit Italian cultural association Made in Milan International Film Society (MIMIFS), MIFF Awards merge traditional film festival and award ceremony formats initiated by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Hollywood.
Each year, MIMIFS select an eclectic pool of exceptional Independent films from all over the world and exhibits the winner films during its showcases in Milan and in other major film centers of the world.

  • Magic Alps by Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi: Cortometraggio italiano

  • Living in Naples by Guido Lombardi, Francesco Prisco, Edoardo De Angelis: Nominations for Best Film; Best Italian Language; Best Editing

  • WAX: We Are the X by Lorenzo Corvino: Nominations for Best Film; Best Italian Language

  • Young Europe by Matteo Vicino: In Competition - Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Actress