Visions du Reel

50th Edition - International Documentary Film Festival

Visions du Reel

where:Nyon (Switzerland)
when:April 5th - 13th, 2019
address:Place du Marché 2
CH - 1260 Nyon
tel:+ 41 22 365 44 55
fax:+ 41 22 365 44 50
deadline:December 21st, 2018
entry form:Iscrizione Online

The Nyon Festival is dedicated to cinema du reel of which it seeks to promote the widest possible spectrum: experimental films, essays, personal diaries, family films, films on current affairs and social issues, historical investigations, and films with classic or fragmented narrative approaches. Cinéma du Réel does not confine itself within conventional boundaries, it is open to different genres, integrates stylistic variations and montages, and is inspired by “cinéma direct” as well as fictional-style narratives.
Visions du Réel is committed to presenting works which, through their formal and aesthetic choices, give personal and original portrayals and descriptions of past and present realities of the world.
With works from accomplished filmmakers and the first works of self-made filmmakers or film students from a wide variety of geographical, political and cultural backgrounds, Visions du Réel envisions this cinema as a vast creative workshop.
The International Jury for feature length films, composed of three people, awards two prizes (best film 20 000 CHF and best director 10 000 CHF) for the films in the Compétition Internationale Longs Métrages.
The International Jury for medium length and short films, composed of three people, awards two prizes (best film 10 000 CHF and Best Director 5 000 CHF) for the films in the Compétition Internationale Moyens Métrages and two prizes (best film 5 000 CHF and Best Director 2 500 CHF) for films in the Compétition Internationale Courts Métrages.
The Regard Neuf international jury, composed of three people, awards the Regard Neuf Prize (10 000 CHF) to a first or second film by a filmmaker in the Compétition Internationale, Helvétiques or Etat d'Esprit.
The “Cinéma Suisse” International Jury, composed of three people, awards the george foundation Prize (10 000 CHF) for the Best Swiss Film, for all sections. It also awards the SSA/Suissimage Prize (10 000 CHF) to the Most Innovative Swiss Film.
The Prix du Public - Ville de Nyon (Ville de Nyon - Public Prize) (10 000 CHF) is awarded by popular ballot to the best film in the État d’esprit section.
The Jury du Jeune Public (Young Audience Jury), composed of between five and seven young adults from Nyon and its region, awards an equal prize for a feature length, a medium length and short film from the Compétition Internationale section (2 000 CHF each).
The Jury of the Prix Loterie Romande Vaud et Genève (2 500 CHF) awards its prize to a Swiss film from the Premiers Pas section.
The Jury Interreligieux (The Inter-religious Jury), composed of four people (two representatives of a non-Christian religion), will distinguish a film that sheds light on issues dealing with meaning and sense of direction in life in the International Competition (5 000 CHF).
The “Buyens-Chagoll” Jury will recompense a work of humanist dimension focusing on stories developing values that confer meaning to the future of mankind (5 000 CHF).
"Pitching du Réel":
Vision du Réel and European Documentary Network (EDN) are organising for the sixth time in succession Pitching du Réel, a coproduction event dedicated to feature-length documentaries. For the first time in Nyon they are also organising the Work in Progress sessions which include the presentation of rough cuts.
Since its creation, the purpose of Pitching du Réel is to help launch projects with artistic ambition and potential in the principal distribution markets. It is intended for young as well as experienced and acknowledged filmmakers.
Sixteen projects will be presented publicly then discussed in round-table sessions. The round-table discussions will take place in the presence of up to sixty professionals including commissioning editors, producers, and distributors active in national and international markets or in digital promotion, as well as a variety of financial partners: Public and private institutions, NGOs, foundations or private individuals investing in documentary projects.

  • Brasimone by Riccardo Palladino: Compétition Internationale Moyens Métrages

  • Chasing the Wind by Filippo Ticozzi: Compétition Internationale Moyens Métrages

  • From the Depths by Valentina Pedicini: Etat d'esprit

  • Nermina's World by Vittoria Fiumi: Helvétiques

  • SmoKings by Michele Fornasero: Etat d'Esprit - C-Side Prize

  • Striplife by Nicola Grignani, Alberto Mussolini, Luca Scaffidi, Valeria Testagrossa, Andrea Zambelli: Etat d'esprit

  • Oh! Uomo by Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi: Tendances

  • TROPICAL MALADY by Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Ateliers Apichatpong Weerasethakul