Tommaso is the story of an American artist living in Rome with his young wife Nikki and their three-year-old daughter, DeeDee. Their relationship is in turmoil and Tommaso must come to terms with his wife’s desire to change the rules of their marriage. This change between Tommaso and his wife is set against his simple day to day life; as a student taking Italian classes, as a teacher working with young acting students, hand most importantly his relationship and the pure love he feels for his young daughter. He is an ex-addict and alcoholic in active recovery, all in a city he calls home but is still foreign with the language.

The film vacillates between what is real and what isn’t. What does it matter if the origins of a story are true or false? What counts is the truth within the film. We’re creating this kind of new character who’s an interesting guy. It’s not really me and it’s not really… not me. It’s more specific to me, but once Willem starts playing, it’s a dangerous game.