here won't be a war

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here won't be a war (Rata neče biti)

here won't be a war (Rata neče biti)

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Zoran, Aziz, Mohammed, Haira Catic, Haira Selimovic, Saha



BabyDocFilm, supported by Regione Piemonte, Film Commission Torino Piemonte





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HD - colour


Ready (16/07/2008)

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New Year’s eve 2008. Fireworks on Sarajevo. Zoran, 28 years old, walking through his city streets, remembers his childhood during the war. The ideological after-effects of the war extend to the suburb, to the Lukavica area in the “ Serbian “Sarajevo, to a bar named Sing Sing and then to a house belonging to a young professor called Saša. On the other side there is Aziz, an ex soldier of the Boznian army “Armija” busy defending Srebrenica and miraculously escaping from the massacre. Another village which was wiped out by the war bombings and is once more inhabited having been rebuilt, Sućeska, lies on the mountain tops of Srebrenica. Mohamed and the šumar, the forest watchmen each day cross the same forests across which he escaped during the fall of Srebrenica. On July 11, 1995, the Serbian nationalists march into the city, the twelve year old boys are separated from the women and sistematically killed in the following days. This is where Hajra sees her husband for the last ime. His remains were found in a common grave near Zvornik. Instead she will never know what happened to her son Nino. In Tuzla, the ICMP (International Commission of Missing Persons) was founded, whose personnel work on recovering the bodies found in the common graves or in the forests, so they can be identified with DNA exams, and be returned to their respective families. At the Dom Kulture of Srebrenica, time passes on to the beat of the popular dances. A young dance group rehearses for a show, one cannot tell just by looking at them, if they are Muslims, Serbs or Croatians. In their eyes, and by the way their heads and bodies move to the rhythm, time finally seems light, without the heaviness that lingers in their outside world.