Sex Equo (sex in the foreground)

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Sex Equo (sex in the foreground)

Sex Equo (sex in the foreground)

Sex Equo (sex in the foreground)

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Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli, Marit Nissen, Fabio Rosi, Adriano Giammanco, Raffaella D'Avella, Lara Martelli, Hans Hisleiter, Sarita Marchesi, Piero Clemente, Bobby Rhoddes,





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Super 16mm - colour

After disobeying God and having visited the site of "forbidden fruits", Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden. For each fruit a parable about sex is told: the first one tell about a man seeing a beautiful woman in the subway. He follows her all the way to an apartment where there is a lesbian party. He would like to make love to her, but she sets him one condition... The second one is about a spinous situation about sadomasochism. Then the narration follows with a story about a little crew shooting a porn movie in a forest during the 70’s ; another story is about a shooter with a gun who isn’t able to keep his concentration while he’s training... In the fifth episode Mario, a poor man who still lives with his mother, is everyday confronted with his friend Lucrezio’s affluence. During an outing on the lake, he can’t take it anymore... Finally there is a couple who is making love on their wedding night. Or at least that’s what it seems... In the opening credits of the film has been shown a relationship between sex and handicrafts of the late nineteenth century 's architecture in Rome, and at the end credits a couple are enjoying themselves on the office couch, while, for 60 seconds in real time, global communications loudly grind to a halt at their interfaces...