Treviso Film Commission

address:Via Venier, 55
IT-31100 Treviso
tel:+39 0422 541052
fax:+39 0422 591195

The province of Treviso has been chosen by several directors, both Italian and international, for its natural ability to adjust to different situations, thanks to the presence of Venetian Villas, castles, mountains, palaces, historical rivers, ancient burgs and vineyards. 
In fact, over 50 movies have been shot right here, in Venice`s garden, chosen as a setting for important films featuring internationally famous actors.
This itinerary has been created to allow everyone to discover at least the main movies that have left a mark in the world of cinema; a journey through the emotions and dreams that the big screen has offered us, with first-hand visits to the main movie locations.

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