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Daniele Mazzocca

Daniele Mazzocca


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  • Finepenamai di Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte (Fluid Video Crew)

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  • Aria di Claudio Noce

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  • Daniele Mazzocca Producer on the Move Cannes 2008
    He started his work as producer establishing the company Orisa Produzioni, producing three feature films (“Saimir” direted by Francesco Munzi, “Red Like The Sky” and “Sono Positivo” both directed by Cristiano Bortone), many documentaries and television programs. In 1998, Daniele Mazzocca established the Orisa Produzioni company, producing three films, many documentaries and television programs. In 2006 he has established his new company, the Verdeoro.
    With Amedeo Pagani’s company, Classic, and with Eric Heumann’s Paradis Films he produced “Fine Pena Mai”, first feature film of D. Barletti and L. Conte, distributed by Mikado in Italy. Supposed his deep knowledge of the Brazilian market, with Classic he is also engaged as line producer in the production of Marco Bechis’ new film, “Birdwatchers”, an italian-brasilian coproduction realized with Rai Cinema, enterely shot in Brazil and now on post-production.
    Interested in social and youth subjects, at the moment he is collaborating with Paolo Virzì’s production company Motorino Amaranto, esteemed author of Italian comedies. Since 2007 he has attended as line producer to the production of Paolo Virzì’s new film, “Tutta la vita davanti”, distributed by Medusa in Italy.
    In 2007 Verdeoro has bought the rights of “Butch Cassidy’s Son”, Osvaldo Soriano’ short story, to develop the project “The Lost World Cup”, that aims at recreating the events of the 1942 Football World Championship, happened in Patagonia and never acknowledged by official soccer federations. This extraordinary short story gives importance to a project that suits an international co-production for its topic, for the international identity of its characters coming from different countries and for its potential public, also thinking about the next 2010 Football World Cup.